Reports and Reflections on the ESF ’08

Between 17 and 21 September, 2008, the Fifth European Social Forum (ESF) was held in Malmoe, Sweden. Turbulence were present, and thousands of copies of the new magazine were distributed. Many thanks to everyone who helped handing out copies, and to those of you who filled up your backpacks carrying bundles back to various corners of the world!

As with other events that we’ve tried to intervene into, like last year’s G8 Summit protests and this year’s climate camps in the UK and Germany, we’ve tried to gather together some scraps of analysis and texts, photos, videos and more which we think might help document and increase our understanding of these events and the roles they fulfil.

You can find an initial collection of pieces about this year’s Social Forum, along with some background information on our website here.

If you’ve written something about the Forum, or have videos or photos you think it would be useful to share, send them to us at and we’ll consider posting them online.


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