A number of articles from Turbulence have been translated into a variety of languages. These are the ones we know of. If you can help, or know of other translations in existence, please contact us editors[at]

Turbulence 5 And Now for Something Completely Different?

[A Spanish language edition of Turbulence, including a number of articles from Issue 5 is available online here [PDF]]

Life in Limbo by Turbulence in DanishDutchGermanSpanishTurkishPortugueseSwedish and Italian

Green New Deal: Dead End or Pathway Beyond Capitalism? by Tadzio Mueller and Frieder Otto Wolf in Spanish

Disquiet in the Impasse by Colectivo Situaciones in Spanish

What Would it Mean to Lose? by Bini Adamczak and Anna Dost in German (this is an edited extract from the original article, published in Issue 40 of arranca!)

On Multiplicity, Decision and the Common (part of the t-10 series) by Thomas Seibert in German

What Were You Wrong About Ten Years Ago? by Rodrigo Nunes in Spanish

The entire series of short t-10 articles are also available in Spanish. Spanish translations of individual articles in the t-10 series can be found by clicking on the names of the following authors: David SolnitGustavo EstevaEmir Sader Phil McLeishRubia SalgadoJoão Pedro StédileA CrimethInc ex-WorkerPrecarias a la DerivaTrevor NgwaneMarcela and Oscar OliveraHeloisa PrimaveraChris CarlssonThe Free AssociationDavid BleakneyOlivier de MarcellusGo Hirasawa and Sabu KohsoJohn ClarkeGuy TaylorThomas SeibertDr Simon LewisAmador Fernández-Savater

The Communal and the Decolonial by Walter Mignolo in German

Turbulence Article: Do You Remember the End of History?

In German (and as a PDF: 1, 2)

In Swedish, published in anarksiterna.

In Serbian, published at

In Greek here (PDF).


Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by the Free Association in French

1968 and Doors to New Worlds by John Holloway in Spanish, French (French translation as PDF) and Slovenian.

The Movement is Dead, Long Live the Movement by Tadzio Mueller in DanishFinnish and Spanish.

Global Capitalism: Futures and Options by Christian Frings in German and Dutch

Et tu Bertinotti? by Sandro Mezzadra with an Introduction by Keir Milburn and Ben Trott in Greek, and Spanish

The Measure of a Monster: Capital, Class, Competition and Finance by David Harvie in German


German: Ins Licht hinein? (PDF) (carried as a supplement in ak – analyse & kritik (Issue 524, January 18 2008) and grundrisse: zeitschrift fuer linke theorie & debatte (Issue 25, early-2008))

Italian: Andare verso la luce?

Spanish: ¿Caminando hacia la luz?

Portuguese: Em direção à luz? (published by Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil (July 16 2008))

The section of Move into the Light? on climate change is now also available in Greek here. The same excerpt was also published in German in the Block G8 brochure, ‘Chef, es sind zu viele’, published in May 2008)

TURBULENCE 1 what would it mean to win

Are we winning? by Turbulence Collective in ItalianSwedish and Spanish

Politics in an age of fantasy by Stephen Duncombe in Greek

Enclosing the enclosers by Gustavo Esteva in Greek

A new weather front by Paul Sumburn in Greek

Solidarity Economics by Euclides André Mance in Greek and  Dutch

Worlds in motion by The Free Association in German

The crazy before the new by Harry Halpin & Kay Summer in Greek and Finnish

Commonism by Nick Dyer-Witheford in Spanish

Compositional Power by Todd Hamilton and Nate Holdren in Dutch

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