Turbulence Flyers for #OccupyEverything Occupations

Picture 17With the #OccupyEverything movement spreading, we would have loved to have been able to drop off copies of the magazine for folks to read – especially with libraries popping up at occupations in New York, London and elsewhere. But we can’t get copies everywhere, and issues 1, 3 and 4 are out of print anyway. So here, perhaps, is the next best thing… By clicking here, you can download a PDF flyer. If it takes your fancy, print it off, make a few copies and drop them off at any occupation you visit. The flyers have a QR (or Quick Response) code on them, which smart-phones can read. Just scan them using a free QR reader/scanner (like this one) and a Turbulence back issue will be downloaded straight to your phone. Free, of course. It’s the best way we could think of making copies widely available, on-site and at no cost.

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