Turbulence Says: Save Middlesex University Philosophy Department!

The Philosophy Department at Middlesex University is threatened with closure. Middlesex is one of very few locations for the study of continental philosophy in the United Kingdom, the loss of which would be felt throughout the discipline and well beyond. As well as providing a home for a number of highly productive critical thinkers, the Department contributes enormously to the intellectual life of London, often collaborating in events with non-academic public institutions. It is also home to many of the editors of Radical Philosophy, the largest circulation English language philosophy publication which carries articles by some of today’s most innovative critical minds.

Turbulence: Ideas for Movement supports the campaign by staff, students and others to defend Philosophy at Middlesex.

For more information see: Save Middlesex Philosophy | Save Middlesex Philosophy Campaign Facebook Page | Petition | saveMDXphil TwitterInfinite Thought blog, carrying news and updates about the campaign | Education Activist Network | EduFactory

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