Turbulence Editors Featured in Reel News 22

Picture 13Two Turbulence editors feature in the latest Reel News video (no. 22). Reel News are an activist video collective who produce a bi-monthly video magazine covering protest events and issues of interest to environmentalists and the left. The latest edition is a special looking at the protests around the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December 2010.

Reel News, 80:00

1. Carbon Trading: Privatise the Air! (17:57)
2. 100,00 March in Copenhagen (16;48)
3. Agribusiness and food sovreignty (12:32)
4. Oil: Shut down the Tar Sands! (14:42)
5. Wind: Vestas protest (4:27)
6. Reclaim Power! (13:34)
Fujitsu strike (15:46)
EDL in Stoke (4:40)

Here’s the trailer:

The film can be ordered from Reel News’s website: http://reelnews.co.uk/

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