Turbulence at the Cochabamba Climate Conference (19-22 April)

Picture 11Turbulence are supporting, and will be participating in, the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia from 19-22 April, 2010. We will be producing a special, Spanish language edition of Turbulence which will be distributed at the event and made available online here. The articles to be included will touch on some of the most pressing issues we hope will be addressed at the Conference: ways out of the current impasse, where both neoliberalism and the movement against it find themselves in crisis; a critical reflection on the ten years of movement(s) since the Seattle WTO protests; possibilities for building a new common ground in the context of the simultaneous economic and ecological crises; and the limits and possibilities of a Green New Deal.

Copies of Issue 5 of Turbulence: Ideas for Movement, ‘And Now For Something Completely Different?‘, will also be available in Cochabamba in English.

If you are travelling to the Conference from either the Bay Area in California, Berlin or the UK and could find room in your luggage for a few copies of the magazine, get in touch! We need some help getting copies out to Bolivia.

We’re also in desperate need of donations to help cover the cost of the Spanish language print-run. Can you help us out?

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