Turbulence to Participate in 48 Hour Seminar at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, September 9-10

Turbulence will be participating in a 48 hour ‘communal life seminar’ asking: ‘What Struggles Do We Have in Common?’ at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. The event forms part of the ‘Dissent’ season of projects at the ICA on art’s relationship to activism and social change. The seminar is organised by the Russian group Chto delat? [trans. What is to be done?], “founded with the goal of merging political theory, art, and activism in early 2003 in Petersburg by a workgroup of artists, critics, philosophers, and writers from Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod.” The seminar is one of a series of activities taking place around Chto delat?’s ‘The Urgent Need to Struggle‘ exhibition (9 Sept – 24 Oct).

Here is the blurb about the seminar we’ll be taking part in.

A 48 Hour Communal Life Seminar: What Struggles Do We Have In Common?

10 September 2010

Free, booking required

In 2009 Chto delat? and Russian Socialist group Vpered initiated a series of communal living seminars aimed at rethinking the conventional approach to discussions and conferences. For two days the ICA hosts the most recent incarnation of this event, aiming to create an intensity of relations between its participants; through sleeping, eating, entertaining, performing and discussing together.

Bringing together representatives of cultural collectives from around the world, including Russia, the Balkans, South America and the UK, this ‘commune’ will focus on the problem of how to combine theory and art with militant political life.

The seminar will culminate in a public performance by artist group Factory of Found Clothes on Friday 10 September.

There are a very limited number of places available to book on the 48 Hour Communal Life Seminar. If you are interested in attending, we ask that you can commit to the entire 48 hours. This commitment is important in creating and maintaining the intensity of the experience. For further details, and to book a place, please email 48hour@ica.org.uk stating your interest.

The seminar will end with a performance by the Factory of Found Clothes. More info here.

More information to follow soon. Watch this space!


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