Turbulence Begin Collaboration with ‘The Post-Capitalist Project’

We’ve begun collaborating with The Post-Capitalist Project which describes itself as “a cooperative, nonsectarian venture of left journals, popular education centers, and electronic media.”

On the Project’s website, they explain the following:

“Our goal is to make easily available the wide range of new programs, experiments, and theories analyzing the transition beyond capitalism toward a socialist future, recognizing that “socialism” is a protean concept encompassing many different historical experiences and future possibilities.

“The project seeks rigorous interrogations of a wide range of questions, addressing possible changes in literally all aspects of our current way of life—from our vision of the potential development of human capacities, to the specific ways a post-capitalist economy—production, distribution and consumption– could function, role of markets, etc., to how our moral and ethical priorities can help us reshape our society, to our relationship to technology and nature, to our forms of governance/self-governance, to how we organize now for a future world–and much more.

“We are also interested in the question of what we can create or have created within capitalism that contributes to a socialist society, as well as why we should be envisioning a future world, especially since we may expect these visions to change and develop in the course of struggle.”

Each collaborating publication or project contributes at least one, and a maximum of five, articles per year. Our first contribution is the editorial article, Life in Limbo?, published in Issue 5 of our magazine.

Other contributors to the Project currently include: The Brecht Forum | Left Turn | New Labor Forum | Portside | Radical History Review | Rethinking Marxism | Science & Society | Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination | Socialism and Democracy | Socialist Project | Socialist Register | The Indypendent | The Nation | Transform! | WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society | Z Communications

For more information, see: http://postcapitalistproject.org/about

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