Two Events in Berlin with Turbulence Editors over the Next Couple of Weeks

Over the next two weeks, two events will be held in Berlin featuring editors of Turbulence: Ideas for Movement. Both events will take place in English with German translation.


With Rodrigo Nunes

Tuesday 20 September, 2011. 7.00pm

Evo Morales’ electoral victory in Bolivia in 2005 came on the back of a decade of growing mobilisation among urban and rural social movements, especially indigenous. In itself, the fact that his candidacy managed to count on most of these movements’ support is directly tied to a public commitment to turn a common agenda presented by the latter into his government programme. Movement leaders have been largely represented in cabinet and other government positions. Yet today, after the first term of the proceso de cambio (transformation process) and Morales’ re-election, the tensions in this relationship and its limits seem not only more evident, but also on the rise. This talk offers a genealogy of the network of relations that constitute the proceso de cambio, the dynamics that have conditioned it, and the lessons that can be drawn from the Bolivian case for the age-old question of how movements (should) relate to institutions.

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With Michal Osterweil

Monday 26 September, 2011. 7.00pm

In recent years many have criticized the politics of the so-called alter-globalization movement suggesting that its emphasis on a “new politics” characterized by horizontality, difference and reflexivity made it unable to act in a coherent or organized way. However, Osterweil argues that the call to return to a more pragmatic, party-like politics is itself premised on a false diagnosis of the nature of the problem – a problem that has to do with a larger crisis of Liberal Modernity and the ways of knowing, being and doing linked to it.  Based on work with movements in Latin America and the US, Osterweil suggests that only politics that confront the deeply entrenched cultural logics and worldviews at play will we be able to move beyond the current political crises.

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Both events will be chaired by Turbulence: Ideas for Movement editor, Ben Trott. They are organised by the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Educational Institute in Berlin and have been made possible through the funding of the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.

The events are free. Registration is requested, but is not compulsory. Please email:

Location: Bildungswerk Berlin der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Kottbusser Damm 72, 10967 Berlin (U-Bahnhof Hermannplatz).


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