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The Turbulence collective produced 7,000 copies of a free 32-page newspaper distributed at the camps, blockades and alternative summits that made up the mobilisation against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm in June 2007. The theme of the 14 articles from individuals and groups from across the world tackled the difficult question of ‘What would it mean to win?’.

We still have a few copies left. Drop us a line (editors[at]turbulence.org.uk) if you’d like one, or alternatively download it here in the original tabloid format (289 x 380mm) or in a journal format (152 x 229mm)

For more on the background to Heiligendamm, lessons and responses, see this page

Translations of various articles are available here

UPDATE, MARCH 2010: The articles published in this issue have now been reprinted, along with our text ‘Move into the Light?‘ and a previously unpublished interview with two Turbulence editors, in the new book ‘What Would it Mean to Win?’ For more information, click here.


Are we winning? Turbulence Collective

Politics in an age of fantasy Stephen Duncombe

Enclosing the enclosers Gustavo Esteva

Singularisation of the common Sandro Mezzadra & Gigi Roggero

A new weather front Paul Sumburn

Money for nothing? Max Henninger

Walking in the right direction? Ben Trott

Organise local, strike global Valery Alzaga & Rodrigo Nunes

Solidarity economics Euclides André Mance

Compositional power Todd Hamilton & Nate Holdren

‘Becoming-Woman?’ In theory or in practice? Michal Osterweil

Politicising sadness Colectivo Situaciones

Worlds in motion The Free Association

Commonism Nick Dyer-Witherford

The crazy before the new Harry Halpin & Kay Summer

All articles (except the piece by Stephen Duncombe) are published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non -Commercial Share-Alike licence. You are free to share or remix as long as you attribute it to Turbulence and the author; you may not use this work for commercial purposes; you may only distribute under the same conditions. More details from http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ The article by Stephen Duncombe is an extract from Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy, ©2007 Stephen Duncombe

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    Turbulence is a journal/newspaper that we hope will become an ongoing space in which to think through, debate and articulate the political, social, economic and cultural theories of our movements, as well as the networks of diverse practices and alternatives that surround them. Read more here

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