Issue 5: And Now for Something Completely Different?

turb out nowIssue 5 of Turbulence was published in December 2009. All articles can be read here, or the entire magazine can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Copies of the magazine are still available. If you would like a copy, or can help distribute a bundle, get in touch with us at

TRANSLATIONS of the Issue 5 editorial, ‘Life in Limbo?‘: Danish (published by | Dutch (published by | German (published by analyse & kritik) | Spanish [PDF] (published by Herramienta and in our Spanish edition) | Turkish (published by Birikim) | Portuguese (published by Lugar Comum) | Swedish [PDF] (published by Brand) | Italian (published by Loop)

Further translations of numerous articles published in Issues 1-5 can now be found here.


Our book, What Would it Mean to Win?, is out now

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Our book, What Would it Mean to Win?, published by PM Press is out now! It contains all the articles from the now out-of-print first issue of the magazine, our collective text Move into the Light? Postscript to a Turbulence 2007, and a previously unpublished extended interview by PM Press author Sasha Lilly with Turbulence editors Michal Osterweil and Ben Trott. John Holloway has written a Foreword.

More information about the contents and how to order a copy can be found here.


REVIEWS: Groundswell | Red Pepper | Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy | Queesch | Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest | Radical Philosophy


Salió la edición de Turbulence en lengua española

untitledUna edición especial Turbulence está disponible! La revista será repartida gratuitamente en la Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climático y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra in Cochabamba, Bolivia (Abril 19-22). Si vas a estar en la conferencia, sería genial que te llevaras algunas a repartir en tu parte del mundo. Para arreglar como recogerlas, escribenos:

Todos los artículos de esta edición se pueden descargar desde aquí [PDF].

For English, click here.

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