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Of particular interest to those who read German… the Block G8 campaign has just published an 84 page, full colour A4 booklet containing reflections on the mass blockades of last year’s G8 Summit at Heiligendamm. Entitled, ‘Chef, es sind zu viele…’ (or, ‘Boss, there’s too many of them…’), it contains texts on the G8, political reflections on the Block G8 coalition, an evaluation of the various methodologies it deployed (from press work, over decision making structures in huge groups, to the logistics of such an action), as well as a documentation of the various texts the campaign produced. Copies cost €3.00 (bulk discounts available).


The contents page is available here

Copies can be ordered, via Avanti, Red Stuff or X-Tausandmal quer.

For those of you who don’t read German, you can check out the English versions of Turbulence’s contribution (essentially an extract from Move into the Light?) here and one of the Turbulence editors’ texts here.

And for good measure, for those of you who read German but can’t wait to get your hands on the hard copy, here are the links to the same texts, but in German.

Wo sind die Grenzen? Kapital, Krise, Klimawandel

Alles auf Anfang? Block G8 und die Proteste von Heiligendamm als Neubeginn im Zyklus der globalisierungskritischen Kämpfe

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